Hello. Welcome.

This is the part of the website where you're supposed to talk about yourself a bit. I'm terrible at this part. Grab a coffee. Maybe something stronger.

The gist.

I'm a full time musician who paints in his free time. I love art and I love colour, it just makes the day better. I paint in oils, mostly on canvas, sometimes the carpet or my clothes. I recently got into digital art. I can't believe how lucky I am to have a wife that bought me an iPad and Apple pencil which I now use to draw and scribble in the app 'Procreate'. (She probably got annoyed with me for ruining the carpet and my clothes with blue paint.)

As you can probably tell by looking at my art, I love to paint with blue. I don't know what it is but show me a body of water or a clear night sky with a good blue and I'll probably try and paint it. But, as an animal lover, I enjoy painting dogs. Everything but their noses which are cute but so hard for me to get right.

I am available for painting and digital art commissions! 

A little bit more about me.

Ever since I can remember, I've loved to art. I blame Neil Buchanan, presenter of the children's T.V art show ART ATTACK! But that's not where my creativity stemmed from. My Grandad was an artist. Grandma and Grandad's walls were covered in his amazing paintings; landscapes, winter scenes, tall ships. The guy was diverse.


I always loved visiting their huge house down in Cornwall and it was always a treat when we were visiting when he was painting. I learned a lot from my grandad as I would always draw a picture to show him before we went down. He would tell me what he liked and would show me how I could improve. Sadly, I didn't get in to painting until I inherited his painting equipment when he passed. I only wish I did it sooner so he could've given me free lessons.

Now I paint or draw when I can because it gives me a chance to escape while not actually going anywhere. I love to put on a good playlist of music or podcasts and get to it!


My painting of Grandad using his acrylic paints, brushes and canvas. I think this was my second painting, which I gave to grandma.


I continue to challenge myself and paint as realistic images as I can using techniques I have learned from just doing it and from tutorials on YouTube. I always look forward to learning more by painting new subjects or by improving on something I have already done. 

Paintings.      Drawings.      Prints.



Please enjoy this gallery of my work. I hope you like blue. ;)

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All my prints are museum quality to ensure you receive your art looking the way I intended.